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Completed: Pendennis Plus 96M "Vava ii" Superyacht

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Completed: Pendennis Plus 96M "Vava ii" Superyacht

Pendennis Plus (ex. Devonport) delivers 96-meter "Vava ii" superyacht

She was built in almost total secrecy under yard name, Project 'P55', at the then Devonport yard in the UK. She was one of the most anticipated superyachts and when finally launched last year the world got a glimpse at the new vessel that was 96-meters long and not 55-meters as some surmised.

The large yacht was christened "Vava ii" and conducted extensive sea trials before being handed over from the yard to the owner(s). Vava ii represents the largest superyacht built in the UK to date.

The spectacular Vava ii spreads over six-decks and was built to a design by Redman Whiteley Dixon (RWD) with interior work by Remi Tessier. She is SOLAS-36 and classed to passenger ship standards. She left Pendennis Plus (formerly Devonport) at the top of March currently underway to the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.

For more information:

Pendennis Shipyard Limited
The Docks, Falmouth
Cornwall, UK
TR11 4NR
Pendennis Worldclass Superyachts


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