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New Launch: Holland Jachtbouw 40M J-class "Rainbow"

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New Launch: Holland Jachtbouw 40M J-class "Rainbow"

Holland Jachtbouw launches 40-meter J-class yacht "Rainbow"

Right on cue the 40-meter J-class "Rainbow" launched from the facilities at Holland Jachtbouw on February 17, 2012. She is a racing yacht but will still have creature & luxury comforts. Rainbow will feature a 1930's styled interior with mahogany standing out as the main wood used. Six guests and seven crew will be hosted onboard.

Rainbow JH2 has been re-designed by Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects according to the original design of William Starling Burgess, but now constructed in aluminum with carbon mast and rigging and 3-DL racing sails. Rainbow JH2 will be built and fitted for racing against the existing and new J-class boats in accordance with the J-class Association rules.

For more information:

Holland Jachtbouw Zaandam BV
Vredeweg 32
1505 HH Zaandam
The Netherlands
Home - Holland Jachtbouw


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