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Upcoming Launch: Rossi Navi 45M "Aslec 4" mega yacht

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Upcoming Launch: Rossi Navi 45M "Aslec 4" mega yacht

Rossi Navi 45-meter "Aslec 4" mega yacht nearing completion

Italian Yard Rossi Navi is nearing completion on one of their new yachts. It is the 45-meter "Aslec 4" which is expected to launch next month according to schedule. Aslec 4 bears design by Studio Spadolini and boasts expansive open deck spaces for her size.

This new Motor Yacht is a semi-displacement mega yacht characterized by wide external aft spaces and by a distinguishing vertical stem. With steel hull and marine grade aluminum superstructure, this Motor Yacht is equipped with two Caterpillar engines, type 3508 C DITA/SWAC each one rated 1.300 hp, that provide a top speed in excess of 16 knots and a cruising speed at ˝ load of 15 knots.

Accommodation wise she will host up to twelve guests and seven crew members. The interior features prized woods such as oak and ebony while having accent elements in carbon, black chrome, and goldleaf colours and textures. The 45-meter Aslec 4 has been built under FR024 designation at the yard. She will be launched on March 10, 2012.

For more information:

Rossi Navi
Via della Darsena Pisana
2 - 56121 Pisa


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