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In Build: 90-meter "Illusion" superyacht

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In Build: 90-meter "Illusion" superyacht

90-meter "Illusion" superyacht under construction

Work has started on a 90-meter superyacht in China. She was designed under the name Project "Illusion" with the design firm being Rainsford Mann Design. The design originally started as an 88-meter superyacht but the global economic crisis halted the completion of the design in 2007.

However, when the slow recovery to the world economy started, the design was completed and emerged as a 90-meter. Building commenced in essence at the end of 2010. The design according to Rainsford Mann Design has its cues from a high-end vehicle in the automotive industry, the Rolls Royce.

Time spent studying various Rolls Royce models allowed the design firm to incorporate the car design into the yacht design thereby capturing the ethos of the design. Not surprisingly the engine-package is by a pair of 3,000 horse power Rolls Royce diesels providing an envisioned top speed between 18 and 20-knots. Guest accommodation will be for fourteen and up to twenty-seven crew members. Illusion is currently in build at the Raffles Shipyard in China and completion is set for 2014.

For more information:

Rainsford Mann Design Ltd
Unit 16
The Quadrangle
49 Atalanta Street
London, SW6 6TU
RMD Marine


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