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New Launch: Balk Shipyard 36.4M "Lars"

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New Launch: Balk Shipyard 36.4M "Lars"

Balk Shipyard launches 36.4-meter "Lars" Explorer

During the weekend Balk Shipyard re-launched the newly re-designed Explorer yacht 36.4-meter "Lars". She bears new design by Felix Buytendijk inside and out. This vessel started life as a tug built in 1995, however, since then and more recently has been converted into a rugged luxury yacht platform.

The yacht now goes by the name Lars and represented into a platform that offers significant range for her size. Her range can be just under 6,500 nautical miles and lesser range of 3,500 nautical miles. A new CAT marine engine has been installed.

Other features added to Lars in the major transformation included integrated swim platform, redesigned superstructure that shows off a new sundeck. Additional spaces are three cabins for guests and a master stateroom for the owner, dining area, fitness area, lounge and saloon. Accommodation is also set out for five crew members. According to Felix Buytendijk her maiden voyage, from Spitsbergen to Nova Zembla, will commence in the spring of 2012.

For more information:

Felix Buytendijk Yachtdesign
Uiterdijk 13
4011 ET Zoelen
The Netherlands
Felix Buytendijk Yachtdesign


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