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New Design: CMN 'ONE' superyacht

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New Design: CMN 'ONE' superyacht

CMN 'ONE' superyacht

A new concept-type design called 'ONE' surfaces from the French yacht builder CMN yachts. She is a sleek and sharp with well-balanced lines from stem to stern. The bow is vertical to slice through the water effortlessly.

Quick features that are readily seen on the design are the fold-down doors in the hull for a beach club setting at the rear of the hull and a further private terrace on the water midships. The bow is longer with the superstructure set a bit farther aft. This allowed for an open and uncluttered bow that was perfect for a helipad platform.

Other features onboard ONE include a slender pool on the forward end of the sun deck with beautifully shaped and arranged sunpadded region. On the other end, to the aft there are comfortable outdoor sofas served by tables for quiet chats and relaxation. In addition, Project ONE yacht proposes a massage room, a sauna, a hammam as well as a wine cellar.

The Beach Club on the yacht stern offers a lounge, a bar, gym area and terminates on the sizable swim-platform. Provision for storage of an 8-meter main limo-tender has been made. Technically Project ONE can be fitted with hybrid-propulsion. ONE will achieve a maximum speed of 16-knots with a pair of 1640 kW diesel engines and around 6-knots by electric auxiliary motors. A full diesel electric propulsion package are also envisioned to be optional.

For more information:

CMN Yachts
19 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt
75008 Paris - France
CMN Yachts


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